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The SignalVault provides the best RFID protection available for credit and debit cards. The SignalVault uses E-Field™ Technology to make your payment cards invisible to hackers trying to steal your information. One SignalVault fits in any wallet, it does not require batteries, lasts 6-9yrs and protects all cards within range of the E-Field™ (2 inches).
Using cutting edge technology, the SignalVault approaches RFID protection from an entirely new angle. Instead of shielding your cards with a metal wallet or sleeve, the SignalVault forms an electronic field or E-Field™ around it whenever it detects a RFID reader. Any and all payment cards within the E-Field are made invisible & undetectable to hackers, with a protection range of six inches or greater.

  • CS Safety Combo

    $ 54.95

  • SignalVault

    $ 14.95